Review & Giveaway for When Only Faith Remains

Here is a blog about a blog! Today starts a 14 day Book Tour for When Only Faith Remains! Each day a new blogger will write a review of the book. This event is sponsored by Celebrate Lit, and here are the blog stops! When Only Faith Remains Celebration Tour Check in each dayContinue reading “Review & Giveaway for When Only Faith Remains”

The Sacred Relationship Between Confession and Trust

Have you ever pondered the intimate relationship between confession and trust? Most of us don’t naturally associate these two words together. Not until our personal confessions are betrayed by another do we recognize the sacred relationship shared between confession and trust. The Greek word for confess (verb) means to agree, profess, and acknowledge. To confessContinue reading “The Sacred Relationship Between Confession and Trust”

Generation D

The history of naming or labeling different generations is interesting to say the least. Whether you consider yourself Golden, a Baby Boomer, Generation Xer, Millennial (Gen Y), or part of Generation Z, we can all agree that birth year plays a crucial rule in your personal experience of family, society, education, the work force, andContinue reading “Generation D”

Ponder and Treasure – Part Six

Have you ever considered Mary, the mother of Jesus, as a widow and a single mother? I never had until I pondered her role in God’s story at the wedding in Cana. “Mary’s actions and words in John 2 indicate that this was the day she knew that Jesus could do anything in accordance toContinue reading “Ponder and Treasure – Part Six”