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When Only Faith Remains

My story is not unlike many of my reader’s stories. As a child of divorce, I struggled with people-pleasing and performance-based living for much of my teen and young adult life. Perhaps more uniquely, during my teen years as a competitive runner, my personal pain and internal battles manifest themselves as an eating disorder. Later in my adult married life, I realized the importance of receiving God’s grace in order to fully experience His unconditional love.

While life has thrown many more difficult moments and seasons my way, it was in those times when only faith remained when I drew the closest to God.

In my first book, When Only Faith Remains, I draw parallels from my own journey-of-faith experiences and the life of Mary, the mother of Jesus, to offer encouragement and inspiration to readers who seek to strengthen and move forward from fear to faith just as Mary did.

With Luke 2 and 1 Corinthians 13 as reference points, readers will connect their faith in ways that bind them to love and hope in the person of Jesus Christ. While your circumstances may differ from Mary’s, the similar deepening of faith through heartache and suffering and hope and triumph will inspire you in your identity, calling, and destiny in Christ.

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