The Advent Of The Soul

Perhaps no one understands nor appreciates the season of Advent more deeply than the ones who have loved and lost. The passing of a loved from earth to heaven leaves us wanting, weary, and waiting. We desperately want more time as we eventually become weary with grief, all while patiently waiting for the glorious day when we shall meet again.

For those whose loved ones have departed to an eternal home as well as those who wait for the arrival of a soldier’s homecoming, the season of Advent takes on a more intimate, familiar meaning. A grieving heart needs the healing whisper of an expectant Savior. A Savior whose presence and promises help sustain and prepare them for a celebrated reunion with those they are separated from for a time.




These three words in succession describe a type of advent of the soul. We were created to want beyond our natural abilities, to grow weary striving for that which only Jesus can give, and to learn to expectantly wait for, thus put our hope in, the eternal presence and promises of God.

If the liturgical Advent is a season filled with expectant waiting and preparation for both the celebration of the Nativity of Jesus at Christmas and the return of Jesus at the Second Coming, then the advent of the soul is a lifetime filled with wanting more time with Jesus, weariness over that which separates us from Him, and expectant waiting and heart preparation for His anticipated return.

The advent of the soul is everyday, every season, every individual’s journey of faith. It requires diligent yet patient emergence of Christ-like qualities until the day in which our souls will perfectly reflect His glorious appearance.

Do you find yourself wanting, weary, and waiting? Embrace those inner longings as the love of God embraces you.

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