Who Told You?

Satan became Satan because he believed a lie. He is a fallen angel because he believed a lie about God, and about himself. Then he took a posse of angels down with him.

And yet again, out of his own disdain and jealous nature, he set out to trick the first woman and the first man into believing the same lies. And he brought them down too.

In Genesis 3 after the fall, God asks Adam and Eve, “Who told you were naked?” It’s a timeless question because God never intended for us to experience shame or any other emotion apart from total acceptance. He continues to tenderly ask you and me the same question today, “Who told you….?”

Who told you the lies that keep you doubting God and deceiving yourself? Who told you that God can’t be trusted and that you are not valuable? Who told you that God’s grace is cheap and that His love is based on performance, and that you are beyond His reach?

Who told you to run and hide?

Beware the wiles of the devil. He comes to steal, kill, and destroy. But he invades with a whisper, “Did God really say….?”

Yes, God really did say! Genesis 3 is not the end. There are 47 more chapters and 65 more books about what God really says, and Who He Really Is!

The Author of Lies hasn’t been given the authority to make you believe him. God has given you the freedom to choose the truth or the lies.

Who told you? Who will you believe, God or a fallen angel bent toward destruction?

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