The Love-Sick Bride

Jesus loves me. This I know. For the Bible tells me so. . . These familiar lines first appeared in a novel by Susan Warner in 1860. Originally penned as a poem, they were spoken to comfort a dying child. Most of us know these phrases as a childhood hymn, which they later became thanksContinue reading “The Love-Sick Bride”

How Am I Supposed To Feel?

Isaiah 40 contains prophetic words later echoed in Luke 3 regarding the ministry of John the Baptist. John the Baptist was a precursor to Jesus Christ and he preached a baptism of repentance. John’s ministry was a preparing of the way for eternal salvation to come through the life, death, and resurrection of Christ. As mostContinue reading “How Am I Supposed To Feel?”

Invitation to Come Home

They say home is where the heart is, however, in the wake of a global pandemic, it’s also where the majority of us have been told to stay put. Home. While it seems everything except for Monday has been canceled, we’ve been stripped down to the people, pets, and possibilities that reside in the wallsContinue reading “Invitation to Come Home”

Adrenaline for Jesus

I was a competitive runner for many of my younger years. For you runners out there, I was an 800 meter state champion, I ran a 5:10 mile, and my fastest 5k was 18:54. I know what it means to press on through the pain for the victory that waits ahead. I’ve also given birthContinue reading “Adrenaline for Jesus”

Witnesses to Me

What does it mean to be a witness to Jesus? The New Oxford American Dictionary offers one definition of witness as “an open profession of faith through words and actions.” Depending on the translation, the word for witness in scripture is interchanged with testimony and evidence. So being a witness to Christ means giving an open profession, testimony, or evidenceContinue reading “Witnesses to Me”

The Advent Of The Soul

Perhaps no one understands nor appreciates the season of Advent more deeply than the ones who have loved and lost. The passing of a loved from earth to heaven leaves us wanting, weary, and waiting. We desperately want more time as we eventually become weary with grief, all while patiently waiting for the glorious dayContinue reading “The Advent Of The Soul”

Hold Fast To The Word Of Life

Today’s blog is for the moms and dads who are pouring out their lives at the feet of Jesus on behalf of their children. Philippians 2 has so much practical advice for our young ones. Below is a wonderful section of verses that we can pray for ourselves AND our children as they grow inContinue reading “Hold Fast To The Word Of Life”