Fasting to Feasting—Lent as a Snapshot of the Christian Journey of Faith

If you’ve ever dabbled in photography (as it appears most of us have with our smartphones) or been the one with three cameras and a bag draped around your neck at a sporting event, you understand a photographer’s quest to capture the perfect snapshot. The shot that brings life into crystal clear focus while alsoContinue reading “Fasting to Feasting—Lent as a Snapshot of the Christian Journey of Faith”

The Power of the Question

Have you ever pondered the power of the question? Since I asked, perhaps you just did. The question is a small but mighty grammatical tool that beckons a response anywhere from the simplest layer of thought to the most profound depths of the soul. Questions daily take aim at our listening ears and if youContinue reading “The Power of the Question”

Selfless Pain

What comes to mind when you hear the word ministry? Perhaps you envision a church, a pastor, or an organized group of individuals called to serve others in the name of Christ. Maybe you think of all the mail you receive from ministries asking you to sponsor a child, provide Bible translations in various languages,Continue reading “Selfless Pain”