Review & Giveaway for When Only Faith Remains

Here is a blog about a blog! Today starts a 14 day Book Tour for When Only Faith Remains! Each day a new blogger will write a review of the book. This event is sponsored by Celebrate Lit, and here are the blog stops! When Only Faith Remains Celebration Tour Check in each dayContinue reading “Review & Giveaway for When Only Faith Remains”

Ponder and Treasure – Part Six

Have you ever considered Mary, the mother of Jesus, as a widow and a single mother? I never had until I pondered her role in God’s story at the wedding in Cana. “Mary’s actions and words in John 2 indicate that this was the day she knew that Jesus could do anything in accordance toContinue reading “Ponder and Treasure – Part Six”

Ponder and Treasure – Part Two

“Although her dream of an ideal union with Joseph was temporarily blemished, she no doubt contemplated what this all would mean to her life, her family, and her dreams. Perhaps in her heart she said yes to her God but in her mind was afraid of the consequences of obedience. In the moment when sheContinue reading “Ponder and Treasure – Part Two”

Just Say the Word

One of my favorite Christian bands is Mercy Me and one of my favorite songs they sing is “Even If”. It’s a song addressing God as Lord and Savior with the transparency of a struggling soul full of sorrow and hurt. The lyrics describe someone who admits being “ye of little faith” as they are heldContinue reading “Just Say the Word”

Jesus, How I Need Thee

I am good in an emergency. I’m the one you want around when the “you know what” hits the fan. I know this because I’ve been there. I’ve jumped into the shallow end to save a child. I’ve given compressions to a stranger. I’ve stopped the bleeding. But where I tend to have moments ofContinue reading “Jesus, How I Need Thee”