Ponder and Treasure – Part Five

While their story is only found in the Gospel of Matthew, the wisemen, or Magi, fascinate me. Well actually, it’s God who amazes me through these pagan men turned worshiping gift-bearers. Who but God would use a power hungry king to initiate a search party of pagan mystics to find The Light of the World?

“Perhaps when these men entered the house and met Jesus face to face, they were changed. As they stood face to face with the Word made flesh, their knees suddenly weak, their natural curiosity about a star was transformed into a supernatural desire to worship the Light of the World. Most likely God’s grace trumped “wise”dom during this unexpected visit. God, in His preeminent wisdom, condescended to use pagan Magi superstitions about a star to draw them to Jesus, the Light of the World.”

-Excerpt From When Only Faith Remains

Who are we seeking? To whom or what are we directing our worship? Similar to the wisemen, are we genuinely seeking to worship Jesus or just our idea of Him?

For example, did you ever create “the list” regarding your future spouse? Did you ever dream of who you would marry and what attributes they would possess? And then did you set out to find a spouse or a list of a spouse?

Perhaps this illustration holds true in our relationship with Jesus. Before we enter into a relationship with Jesus, don’t we naturally form an idea or concept of Him? Hearing about Jesus is much different than experiencing Him through a personal relationship. Yet, once we “meet” Jesus, confess and believe Him as Savior and Lord, and enter into a lifestyle of worshiping Him, we must ask ourselves; Are we worshiping Jesus or just our idea of Him?

Likewise, are we loving and accepting our spouses or are we frustrated with the idea and expectations we had of them?

Jesus can’t be defined or even identified by a list. The wisemen were following directions when they came upon the One who would ultimately change the direction of their lives.

Similarly, when we encounter Jesus in a personal, face-to-face kind of way, we must crumble up the mental list we made about Him. We must worship, love and accept Him as a Sovereign Being, Who hung the stars, and casts light into the darkness of our souls.

Have you, like the wise men, found the Light of the World? He will use anything in order to become your everything. Even astrology. But especially your pain, heartache, broken dreams, grief and sorrow.

John Stonestreet (Breakpoint) says, “Ideas have consequences. Bad ideas have victims.” Do you need to surrender your idea of Jesus in order to surrender to Him? Just ask the wisemen, He will change the direction of your entire life!

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