Life Saving Symptoms

What are your symptoms? Perhaps it’s a question you’ve only heard your doctor ask. But maybe today it’s the question the Great Physician wants to hear you answer.

What are your symptoms?

Physically speaking, it was double vision that sent a family member to the Emergency Department. For a close friend’s son, it was increasing abdominal pain that made him seek help and search for some kind of relief.

In both cases, symptoms led to tests which led to a diagnosis. Cancer. In both cases, the surface symptoms were only the tip of the mammoth iceberg growing underneath.

What if Jesus appeared to you today and asked you, “What are your symptoms?”

Spiritually speaking, you might answer, “Pain, doubt, unbelief, worry, anger, disappointment, or fear”. Pain is not limited to the physical, nor anguish to the mental. Jesus experienced pain, anguish, and suffering in every way on every level. Yet He endured these things because He is most concerned with the condition of your soul.

In fact, Jesus taught us there is no quota on suffering and, while we tend to focus on the physical, it’s the spiritual symptoms that can truly save our lives for eternity.

Take a moment today to answer Jesus as He asks, “What are your symptoms?” Know that spiritual symptoms often lead to the tests and trails of life, which can lead to the most compelling, life-saving diagnosis of all. We all need a Savior.

We need a Great Physician, a Healer, a Soul-catcher, a Counselor, and a Creator who holds the blueprint to our souls.

Don’t ignore your symptoms. Sometimes it’s the surface symptoms that help reveal the mammoth iceberg growing underneath known as sin.

Make an appointment today with your Great Physician and ask Him to help you examine the condition of your heart, mind, and soul. Even if the healing doesn’t come in this lifetime, the Healer never forsakes. He comes to save souls for eternity.

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