Gift Seeds

Last week my family and I celebrated the completion of a seven year journey, as well as the beginning of a new one, with the release of my first book When Only Faith Remains. It’s hard to believe that what started with a few devotional writings evolved into fifteen chapters of Mary’s journey, my journey, and every believer’s journey to the cross and beyond.

What I want more than anything today is for you to know that when you fully surrender your life to Christ, He will take you places you never imagined you would go.

Growing up through school, college, and into my late twenties and early thirties, I never planned on writing a book. I had trouble reading an entire book, much less think about writing one! I was a math and science girl.

I was also an extremely shy little girl who grew into a very insecure teenager. It used to physically pain me to have to speak to a classroom of my peers, much less adults. Little did I know the plans God had in mind for me.

I believe God plants what I’ll call “gift seeds” in each of us. He created us and knit us together in our mother’s womb and it is this secret place where God sows the seeds of passion and purpose.

Yet for many of us, it takes years for these gift seeds to germinate, sprout, and begin to surface in the soil of a busy and distracted life. It wasn’t until my thirties that I found my voice and began to teach and speak. Then a few years later, I found my “pen” and began to write from a place of full surrender and vulnerability.

Gift seeds store the spiritual gifts, or talents, or passions that make us feel the most alive. Yet, not until I began to live like Paul describes in Galatians‬ ‭2:20‬, “I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me”, did I discover what was blooming within me.

What are you passionate about? What activity, service, work, hobby, or talent makes you feel the most alive? If you aren’t sure, what might be holding you back? What areas of your life do you still need to surrender to Christ?

‭‭ ‭God, in His sovereignty, also knows that seeds of adversity are sown among our gift seeds. Sometimes it takes the weeds of adversity to cover the sprout of a gift seed so it has to fight to find the light. Sometimes God uses the hard things in life to give birth to the gift seeds He’s sown from the beginning.

I encourage you to explore your passions. Take note of the moments that cause your heart to beat a little faster. Know that God had special things in mind for you from the beginning. Trust that there is a spiritual realm purpose for every heartbreak, every time of darkness, and every painful loss.

Fully surrender your life to Christ, and He will take you places you never imagined you would go. Fully depend on Jesus and let your gift seeds germinate, sprout, and blossom for the glory of God.

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