Why I Am A Christian

There are a plethora of reasons why someone may identify as a Christian. You have the nominal Christian who merely bears a “spiritual name tag”, the Christian by birth because their parents said so, the Christian by happenstance because  growing up they found a cool youth group, the Christian who attends church but has no relationship with Christ, or the baby Christian who feeds on spiritual milk but has yet to try the “green pea” baby food of The Word that nourishes, yet goes down heavy and difficult. Then you have the Christian who, like the Pharisees, has fenced in the law and made Christ about rules and traditions only.

The list goes on and on, but I will stop short in summation to say that the term “Christian” is often tossed around, served, and, unfortunately, spiked like a volleyball during a game on the beach in which the out of bounds lines are hard to see. Yet, just like the ball is central to the volleyball game, you cannot take Christ out of being a Christian.

Christ is central.

And this is why I am a Christian.

As a writer, you are taught to write with we and us pronouns so that the reader feels more included and hopefully understood. But this subject is very personal. So I want to share my reasons with you.

I have not always been a Christian for the same reasons. However, age, time, life choices, and life experiences have shaped my reasons to look more like Christ. 

I am a Christian because I know the depth of the pit of despair from which Jesus extended His eternal love to save me. I remember the cold, dark reality from which I thought there was no rescue. Sometimes I still hear the deceivers lies, but the Way, the Truth, and the Life has truly set me free.

My Savior is central.

My Rescuer is central.

My way, truth, and life are found only in Christ and He is central.

This is why I am a Christian.

I am a Christian because I know the depth of the pit of depravity from which Jesus extended His mercy and grace to forgive me. I was the wreck who became the wrecker, the hurt person who hurt people, the performer who could not fake it any longer. Jesus healed me from the inside out with His cleansing blood and redeemed my life with His very own. My Redeemer lives and because of this I have new life in Christ.

My Forgiver is central.

My Healer is central.

My Redeemer lives and so do I because He is central.

This is why I am a Christian.

I am a Christian because I know the blessings that have been bestowed upon me were not deserved or of my own doing. I deserve the pit of despair and depravity that leads to death. But God placed Jesus at the center of the Good News by first allowing Him to die at the center of the cross. From before time to creation to birth to death to resurrection to ascension to His promised return, God made Christ central.

This is why I am a Christian.

I used to be a Christian because of my grandparents and parents, because I had a cool youth group, because going to church was good, because I wanted to check the right boxes, and because I wanted to be better.

Now I am a Christian because I know and love Jesus and He knows and loves me.

Jesus is why I am a Christian.

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