Access For All

What do you tend to take for granted?


Running water.

A loved one returning home.

How about the Word of God? What about the one, or two, or possibly even the ten bibles you possess in your own home? Perhaps, on a more subtle note, it’s the fact that your one, or two, or ten bibles are published in your native language . . . English, Spanish, maybe French.

Think about it. Most of us have the privilege of waking up each morning with the opportunity to read God’s personal Word to us in a language we can not only read, but we can comprehend, share, and grow spiritually.

I take this for granted.

This seemingly infinite access to the living, life-changing Word. This tap of an app and I can search and browse and even have someone’s voice in my phone read scripture to me! I forget to say, “Thank you, Jesus!”

How about you? What subtle provision do you tend to take for granted? Perhaps it’s just your access to God Himself through prayer and candid conversation. He’s always available, always listening, always present. We forget to live in His presence.

Regardless of our location on this globe, we all have access to God. Even the small villages and people groups who have never heard the spoken name of Jesus. They hear the whisper of the Creator in the stirring of creation. They see His presence in the dancing branches of a windswept tree, and in the majestic hues of a sleepy sun. They feel His wooing of their souls in their longing for something beyond the natural seen world.

Then I read Isaiah 52:15 (AMP), “For what they had not been told they will see, and what they had not heard they will understand.”

Therefore, I find comfort in Isaiah’s prophetic words, that while I have unlimited access to the Word of God, others will “see” and “understand” in a way only God can provide. Perhaps as Joel 2:28 describes, “I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions.”

I forget. I take for granted. Then I remember those who have never heard His Name. So, thank you Jesus that you have provided not only access for all, but also sight and understanding beyond the written Word.

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