Let God Love You

Like a string of pearls fashioned by the friction of sand and time, life may seem but an array of chronological moments shaped by the tension between joy and pain. Yet in moments of sorrow or panic, sheer bliss or mundane task, know this. You are not defined by mere moments. You were not created to merely navigate around the next crisis.

You are deeply loved and dearly held in the arms of a Savior whose embrace you have felt but a nudge. The root of all creation is the love of God. God’s love gave birth to your existence. God’s love sustains your being. And God’s love is the only power that transforms mere moments into sacred breath.

Under the blanket of God’s divine love, all of life is sacred. Allow His love to enfold you, swaddle you, nurture you, caress your skin, and breath sacred life into moment upon moment, grace upon grace.

Life’s hardships can create hard, and complicated, and dreary, and dreadful moments; yet somehow in the arms of a Loving Father, these are sacred moments molding hearts and minds into the image of the Divine.

Flesh forsakes. . .God rescues. Let Him love you. There is no substitute. Let Him transcend your moments into sacred time and space. Sacred lessens your grip on the natural to allow expanse for the supernatural.

Let God love you. This is not punishment. This is not consequence. This is sacred ground. This is severe mercy. This is agape holding you still. 💞

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