Come Be Encouraged!

While God is the Author, you are the writer of your story. Come allow faith, hope, and love to abide in you in the Person of Jesus Christ.


  • The Simple Truth About Anger and Stones

    I was so mad that I just wanted to throw something. It was one of those days when nothing seemed to go right at work, then home, then I had to deal with that child—the one who pushes all the buttons. It wasn’t necessarily the one thing. It was all the things that allowed the […]

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  • What Do You Give a Prodigal for Christmas?

    Parenting is not for wimps. Just ask God. He wrote a whole Book about it. Parenting is the ultimate roller coaster ride with all its highs and lows, twists and turns, moments that take your breath away and moments you just want to throw up. It is the ride of your life as you co-create, […]

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  • Living in the ‘In Between’ of Darkness and Life

    Have you ever had a deep truth hit you right between the eyes? A truth you have skimmed over before in Scripture, but because you could not see it, God just plants it in a place you cannot focus—smack in the furrowed brow between the windows to your soul. It is a moment during which […]

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  • Is Our Relationship With Food a Sign of a Deeper Longing?

    Are you aware that you have a relationship with food? Yes, food. A give and take, up and down, love and hate, daily interactive relationship with all things edible. We all have one. There is no escaping this relationship. We have to eat in order to live, so there is no breaking up with food […]

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  • This Advent Is Different

    I have never thought more about the second coming of Christ than I have this year. 2020. A year that arrived with such vision and hope, yet will depart as a rear view nightmare marked by uncertainty and despair. In the the midst of such a roller-coaster year, I have never clung so adamantly to […]

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  • Why I Am A Christian

    There are a plethora of reasons why someone may identify as a Christian. You have the nominal Christian who merely bears a “spiritual name tag”, the Christian by birth because their parents said so, the Christian by happenstance because  growing up they found a cool youth group, the Christian who attends church but has no relationship […]

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